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გამოიყენეთ საძიებო ძირითადი სიტყვები, რათა იპოვოთ ის პროდუქტი, რომელსაც ეძებთ.
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UPS FNP S3K 3KVA/2400W Online UPS with 6*7Ah უწყვეტი კვების წყარ


UPS FNP S3K 3KVA/2400W Online UPS with 6*7Ah უწყვეტი კვების წყარ
  • Features
  • High Speed DSP bring better performance & protection
  • Stable,Precise output supply voltage helps protect user equipment
  • High efficiency saves power expense for customer
  • Small profile product save install space
  • Specifications
  • ModelS3K
  • Phase1 phase 2wire+PE
  • Capacity3KVA/2400W
  • InputNominal input voltage220/230/240VAC
  • Input Voltage Range110V~300V Halfload 176V~300V Full load
  • Input Frequency Range40~70Hz
  • Input Power Factor0.99@Full Load
  • OutputOutput voltage230V(220/240/208V Selectable
  • Output Voltage Regulation1%
  • Output Frequency(Sync.Mode)47Hz~53Hz;57Hz~63Hz
  • Output Frequency(Bat.Mode)50Hz+/-0.05Hz 60Hz+/-0.05Hz
  • Output THDv%2% linear Load 6% Non-Linear Load
  • Output WaveformPure Sinewave
  • Transfer TimeLine Mode--Bat Mode0ms
  • Inv--Bypass Mode<4ms
  • EfficiencyAC--AC91%
  • ECO96%
  • Battery Mode89%
  • Battery & ChargerBattery Voltage/Capacity6X12V/7AH
  • Battery Type
  • Value Regulated Maintainance Free Lead Acid(VRLA)
  • for standard Model with internal battery
  • Recharge Time~5Hours
  • Max recharge current1.5A
  • Floating charge Voltage81.8V
  • DisplayDisplayLED/LCD(option)
  • Buzzer AlarmBat.Mode/Bat.Low/Overload/Fault
  • PhysicalDimension190(W)X318(H)X365(L)mm
  • Weight21.6kg
  • EnvironmentHumidity5~97%(Non Condensing)
  • Operating Ambient Temperature0~40℃
  • Communication PortS 232/SNMP(opion)/USB(option)
  • Fenice Power VS Competitor
  • ItemFenice PowerCompetitorAdvantage
  • CPUDSPMCUHigh speed DSP bring better performance&protection
  • Ouput voltage regulation1%Typical 3%Stable, precise output supply voltage helps protect user equipment
  • Efficiency90%88%High efficiency saves power expense for customer
  • DimensionSmall profileBig sizeSmall profile product saves install space
  • Component and material
  • Fiber glass board base
  • d(FR4) 2-side PCB
  • Composite EPOXY material based (CEM1) 1side PCBFR4 2-side PCB has much better solfering performance
  • can greatly aviod dry solder issues,has strong physical
  • strength helps product cope with bad transportation
  • condition. FR4 2-side PCB further has better anti-corrosion
  • and thermal stability
  • Cooling Air designAnti-dust arrangementNo-special treatment
  • Fenice Power well designed air path avoid dust
  • accumulation on small component which easily
  • cause product failure