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გამოიყენეთ საძიებო ძირითადი სიტყვები, რათა იპოვოთ ის პროდუქტი, რომელსაც ეძებთ.
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თერმომეტრი უკონტაქტო Thermometer


თერმომეტრი უკონტაქტო Thermometer
Digital Forehead Thermometric Instrument Non-contact Type Infrared Electronic Clinical Thermometer Features: ​Multiple functions, you can use it to measures forehead temperature and the object surface temperature. Large and legible LCD digital display with 3 colors backlight, the electricity quantity, working mode, storage mode, temoerature value and etc. are legible to read. Two modes adjust, you can choose object surface temperature mode and body temperature measuring mode according to your demands. Built-in high speed sensor, high precision, the result will be given quickly, no need to wait anymore. °C and °F switchable, very convenient. 8s automatic shut off under no operation condition. One-key measurement, easy to operate. Non-contact type measurement design, no contact with human skin, avoids crossinfection. Storage data: 32 groups of measurement data are stored for easy analysis and comparison. Specifications: Name: Electronic Thermometer Model: EW-01 Material: ABS Display: LCD display Power: 2 * AAA 1.5V alkaline cell (excluded) Measuring ranges: Body mode: 35℃-43℃(89.6-109.4℉) Object mode: 0-100℃(32-212℉) Accuracy: ±0.3℃/±0.5℉ Automatic shutdown: 8s Normal working environment conditions: Environment temperature: 10℃-40℃ Working humidity: ≤95% Atmospheric pressure: 70kpa-106kpa Current consumption: off≤20μA, on≤20mA Item size: 160 * 41 * 40mm / 6.30 * 1.61 * 1.57in Item weight: 71g / 2.50ounce Package size: 162 * 45 * 45mm / 6.38 * 1.77 * 1.77in Package weight: 85g / 3.00ounce