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HyperX chair JET Black Gaming Chair


HyperX chair JET Black Gaming Chair
  • პროდუქტის აღწერა
  • PRIME PU LEATHER UPHOLSTERY - High-end material used on all areas of the JET BLACK gaming chair are upholstered and finely stitched together, sure to provide a great look over time and fresh out the box. DIAMOND STICHING DETAIL - Our handmade stitching detail in the cushioning of the seat and supportive backrest of the chair is combined with a sleek carbon fabric material for both a luxurious look and feel. MULTIPLE FUNCTIONAL TILT MECHANISM - This is the center of the chair, the command center, the control unit. The Multi-functional tilt mechanism allows you to lock the chair in tilt in any position. It allows a smooth tilt when rocking and a greater depth of tilt. EXTENDED CLASS 4 GASLIFT - JET BLACK video game chair features an extended class 4 Gaslift allowing users to sit at a seat height of 60cm. With a thickness of metal improvement providing support for 330 Lbs MEMORY FOAM VELOUR PILLOWS - Included with the HyperX JET BLACK pc chair you get extravagant velour covered Memory foam neck and lumbar support pillows. Provides a great feel on skin and is breathable for longer sessions. Easy to place and remove.